2020 International Festival of Owls

2020 International Festival of Owls

Weekend March 6 - 8, 2020

Houston, MN

This festival always offers something for the owl lover in all of us, even those who aren’t really birders. From a banquet, owl prowls, serious science and many family activities, there’s sure to be something this weekend for even the most discerning of folks. This international event grew from a small town celebration of Alice’s “Hatch Day” into one that grows with each passing year.In addition, if you’d like to get out and prowl for owls with the experts, they are hosting monthly Owl Prowls.

November 16, 6:00 PMDecember 31 6:00 PM
The Owl Center is also offering pellet dissection opportunities with admission to the Owl Center on November 23 and December 14. This would be a great way to enjoy time with your children, grandkids or really, anyone young at heart, while introducing them to a closer look at life as an owl.
Shake the late winter doldrums and enjoy all things owl. For more information, Check the website at www.festivalofowls.com.


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