2020 International Festival of Owls

2020 International Festival of Owls

Weekend March 6 - 8, 2020

Houston, MN

This festival always offers something for the owl lover in all of us, even those who aren’t really birders. From a banquet, owl prowls, serious science and many family activities, there’s sure to be something this weekend for even the most discerning of folks. This international event grew from a small town celebration of Alice’s “Hatch Day” into one that grows with each passing year.In addition, if you’d like to get out and prowl for owls with the experts, they are hosting monthly Owl Prowls.

November 16, 6:00 PMDecember 31 6:00 PM The Owl Center is also offering pellet dissection opportunities with admission to the Owl Center on November 23 and December 14. This would be a great way to enjoy time with your children, grandkids or really, anyone young at heart, while introducing them to a closer look at life as an owl.
Shake the late winter doldrums and enjoy all things owl. For more information, Check the websit…

We Mourn the Passing of Fred Lesher

2019 La Crosse Area Christmas Bird Counts

2019 La Crosse Area Christmas Bird Counts

Saturday, December 14, 2019

The 2019 Audubon Christmas Bird Count is getting close and we are getting organized. This is a big event and we can always use more help!!There are two types of volunteers that take part in our counts – Section Counters and Feeder Counters. Section Counters go in the field and count as many birds as possible in an assigned section of the circle, either alone or as part of a team. Feeder Counters count the birds in their own yard (as long as they live in a count circle).
This year, there will be at least 2 Christmas Bird Counts held in the Coulee Region. The La Crosse Area count will be held on Saturday, December 14th and the Trempealeau count will be held on Sunday, December 15th . If you enjoy counting birds, your help with either or both counts would be greatly appreciated!
The La Crosse Area Christmas Bird Count, which is hosted by the Coulee Region Audubon Society, counts all the birds found inside a count circle…

Donations are always appreciated!

Please Donate to the Coulee Region Audubon Society

Donations to the Coulee Region Audubon Society are always appreciated!!  Please send your donation to:  Coulee Region Audubon Society, PO Box 2573, La Crosse, WI 54602-2673.
Thank you very much!!

2019 Sand Lake Conservation Camps

View Fred Lesher's Journals

Fred Lesher's Birding Journals


Fred is a long time member of CRAS and retired UW Lacrosse professor. He has donated his birding journals to the Murphy Library at UWL. The journals cover his lifetime of birding from 1957 to 2004. The 14 volumes are now housed in the Special Collections unit of the Library. All the volumes have been scanned and are available to the public in the Library’s digital collection. To view the journals go to the UWL website, click on Murphy Library then Special Collections then Digital Collections then Browse Digital Collections (or clickhereand use the "Sub-collections" window). When viewing the journals there are 2 pages on each scanned image so page numbers and scan numbers do not agree.  Take some time this winter to explore some of Fred’s old haunts. Find the story about his favorite roads in Vernon County or his tame Barred Owl from his college days or his detailed observations of his Purple Martin house or his chronicle of Cooper’s H…

Birds and Beers, Anyone?

Birds and Beers, Anyone?

Many other regional birding groups, such as the Twin Cities, Madison and the Green Bay have established more informal gatherings for birders to meet and share stories. The venue changes from meeting to meeting and they are somewhat unscheduled. Sometimes birding might be part of the agenda beforehand, other times it’s just a chance to meet others who share your interest.  For example, when a Great Grey Owl decided to hang out on the grounds of the Capitol Brewery in Madison, there was a somewhat spontaneous Birds and Beers scheduled. We’d like to try and create our own “Birds and Beers.” If you have an urge to sit somewhere, like maybe Pearl Street Brewery, meet other birders and talk bird smack, post the date, time and place on the facebook page. Pass the word to others who might enjoy this and someone is bound to show up.

MVC is Looking for Some Volunteers

What are Audubon dues used for?

What are Audubon dues used for?
What happens to your Audubon dues? Each year, we dutifully submit our annual dues to be part of the Coulee Audubon Society. Some of that money is of course used for various administrative costs associated with any small organization such as ours. One aspect of our mission is education. We have provided a number of small grants to teachers in our region. Those grants have covered costs for a variety of projects designed to bring students closer to our natural world. The study skins used by Scott Lee at our April meeting are in protective tubes that were obtained with some of our grant money, for use by the Trempealeau school district.  We have had other opportunities to ‘grow” our young birders and environmentalists as well. About two years ago, a young lady who was at that time a student at Richland Center High School, made a request for scholarship funds to allow her to take part in the Cornell Young Birder’s Event. This was a life changing event for E…

Interested in helping the MVC? Carpooling is available.

Want to learn about the affects of Climate Change?

Years of Living Dangerously 3:00 p.m. on Sundays -- Jan. 10, 17, & 24 
 From the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy to the upheaval caused by drought in the Middle East, the groundbreaking documentary series, Years of Living Dangerously, provides first-hand reports on those affected by, and seeking solutions to, climate change. The episodes feature celebrity investigators, who each have a history of environmental activism, and well-known journalists, each of whom have a background in environmental reportage. These "correspondents" travel to areas around the world and throughout the U.S. affected by global warming to interview experts and ordinary people affected by, and seeking solutions to, the impacts of climate change.

The Emmy Award winning (2014) Showtime television series will be shown on Sunday afternoons at 3:00 p.m., facilitated by Carlene Roberts and Tom Uphaus. We will explore the second three (of nine) segments as follows: [The final three parts will be shown…