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La Crosse 2010 Christmas Bird Count Results

La Crosse 2010 Christmas Bird Count Results Summary of Saturday, December 18, 2010 Count From Dan Jackson:I am still waiting on a couple of reports from people who had indicated that they planned to help out with this year’s Christmas Bird Count. However, since it is newsletter deadline time and I haven’t heard from them,  this  will be the published version of the count report. At this point, we have reports of 11,244 birds of 51 species. These were counted by 86 participants who logged a total of 427.25 hours of counting time. Although the species count is somewhat low compared to prior years (due almost entirely to the lack of open water and therefore very few species of waterfowl and water birds), our count number is one of the highest in the last 20 years. If waterfowl were taken out of the previous counts with higher total numbers, this year’s count would be at least comparable with those counts. This is partially due to a very high level of participation although