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Cristmas Bird Count Results 2008

La Crosse 2008 Christmas Bird Count - Summary Saturday, December 20, 2008 Check our CBC page for final results And this, from an earlier report: At this point, due to the bad weather that kept people away from our potluck, I have only received about 1/3 of the reports for the count. However, I have already received reports of about 4000 birds of 51 species (plus 2 other count week species). Surprisingly, we did find 10 species of waterfowl despite the fact that the Mississippi has been so deeply frozen for the past couple of weeks. For comparison purposes, last year we saw about 7000 birds of 59 species with similar snow and temperature conditions but without the falling snow. My best guess is that the numbers will be a little lower for both total birds and species. Time will tell.In general, the participants complained that it was hard to find and see birds because of the inclement weather. With a couple of exceptions, large concentrations of birds were only f