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Here are the final results for the 2013 Christmas Bird Count!

La Crosse 2013 Christmas Bird Count Results Saturday, December 14, 2013 From Dan Jackson on 12/17/2013:At this point, I have all but one section report and about ¾ of the feeder count reports in and compiled. As expected, with a relatively cold season and poor weather on Saturday, the numbers of individual birds is down quite a bit. This is especially true if it is compared to a relatively warm year like last year when there was lots of open water and waterfowl.  Given those conditions, we have a relatively high number of species counted. We counted 63 species on count day and there were also 2 count week additions. The especially unusual species include Carolina and Winter Wrens, a Gray Catbird, a Harris’s Sparrow, a Fox Sparrow, a Baltimore Oriole, a Golden Eagle, Trumpeter Swans, Swamp Sparrows, a Wilson’s Snipe, and a Yellow-rumped Warbler.  Check our CBC page for final results After the events of last year, this was a very special count for me. Thanks to eve