Birds and Beers, anyone????

Birds and Beers anyone???

Dates and Times pending

Many other regional birding groups, such as the Twin Cities, Madison and the Green Bay area have established more informal gatherings for birders to meet and share stories. The venue changes from meeting to meeting and they are somewhat unscheduled. Sometimes birding might be part of the agenda beforehand, other times it’s just a chance to meet others who share your interest. For example, when a Great Grey Owl decided to hang out on the grounds of the Capitol Brewery in Madison last year, there was a somewhat spontaneous Birds and Beers scheduled. 
We’d like to try and create our own “Birds and Beers,” and Mark Webster and Gwyn Calvetti have volunteered to try and kickstart it. We thought Pearl Street Brewery might be a great place to start, supporting a local microbrewery that just happens to be close to wetlands trails. “Warblers and Wine” could be an option, too. Watch the facebook page and email announcements for the first event, probably sometime in July.


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